Experienced financial help for your business.


The majority of new businesses fail because they haven't got a robust business plan or don't stick to their budget. 


Why? Because finance is perceived as scary.


But ... it doesn't need to be. 


Baytree Financial can help you to start or develop your new business.  Typical services for new businesses include:


  • Assisting with business plans

  • Budgeting

  • Cash flow forecasting and management

  • Accounting services

  • Preparing presentations to attract investment

  • Support obtaining a bank loan

  • Investigation of alternative funding

  • Part-time FD services




Many highly successful companies are run with small finance and/or management teams.  When the time comes to undertake the next step there is often a lack of resource in either manpower or skills.


Baytree Financial can provide on the ground support either through providing additional manpower or in the form of advice.


We will work with you to establish what is required, for how long and on what basis.  Typical services for small teams with big ideas include:


  • Short and longer-term forecasting

  • Working capital projections

  • Bank covenant projections

  • Preparing presentations to attract investment

  • Preparing information for Circular to shareholders

  • Review of potential acquisition or merger targets

  • Running acquisition or sales processes

  • Project budgeting and accounting

  • Establishing and managing finance team

  • Part-time FD services

  • Non-executive Director

  • Management and Board information reporting




As a fully fledged company there are no doubt a number of regulatory and compliance aspects that you have to comply with.


Baytree Financial can provide short or medium-term support in helping you meet these or set up the systems to ensure they will be met.


Typical regulations-based services include:


  • Company Secretarial work

  • Preparing information for external auditors

  • Fund reporting

  • Design and implementation of effective internal controls

  • Preparing information for Circulars to shareholders