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Experienced financial help for your business



Need some help with a financial matter or to help run your finance team?


Not enough hours in the day to prepare for a transaction?


Want someone with a wide range of finance experience who can hit the ground running?


Baytree Financial provides hands on, practical assistance and advice to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to corporations.



We help with large or small projects which require financial input.  Typical projects include:


  • budget preparation and cashflow forecasts

  • business plan preparation

  • managing acquisition or sales transactions

  • part-time FD services

  • financial modelling



The goal of Baytree Financial is to provide companies with the short or long-term financial assistance or advice that they need to be able to run their businesses.


SMEs offen suffer from a lack of resource or access to financial information on a cost effective basis.  Baytree Financial is here to provide that resource for as long as you need it to establish your business or take it to the next level.


"As FD of a company with a relatively small finance team undertaking complex transactions I often found that there were simply not enough hours in the day.  I wanted to clone myself or find someone to help who would have the experience to take some of my workload without requiring constant supervision or briefing.


I have set up Baytree Financial to provide such a service.  Whether it is simply that you don't have enough time, you have limited financial experience or you're undertaking a new type of transaction, Baytree Financial can provide support on an on-going or ad-hoc basis."

Liz Scannell, Founder